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MagdoMan (Brett Magdovitz) is a zany kids music performer with a unique style of music / movement / play.

MagdoMusic parties and performances can be catered to specific audiences and themes and are designed to serve the imagination and playfulness of children ages 2 months to 5 years old (as well as their caretakers who enjoy acting that age).


MagdoMusic parties ROCK!

From start to finish, we bring the fun! 


And it’s not just fun for the kids. Grownups rave about our high-energy entertainment, which often inspires them to hop in on the action and rock out with the littles.


Parties can be designed around specific themes (nature, urban life, transportation, animals, etc.) and can incorporate song requests that offer kids and parents alike a chance to jam to their favorite hits.

Interactive in-home performances last

approximately 45 minutes.

Rates range from $150 - $250

depending on location.

I love music. I love play. I love kids. I love learning and growing.

I grew up in a household with six kids, a menagerie of animals, and wonderful parents who encouraged all of us to play, explore, and discover who we are. With this as my foundation, I bring my sense of wonder and enthusiasm everywhere I go...and I would love to bring this to your family and friends!

Musical influences include (but are certainly not limited to): Phish, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Prince, Raffi, Lauri Berkner, Caspar Babypants, Storybots, Music For Aardvarks, Paul Simon, Bill Withers, Disney, Elvis, Randy Newman, Jeff & Paige,...and the list goes on.

Magdo Music
Take Me To The Park
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Hello Song
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Apples and Bananas
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"Brett was FABULOUS! He has such a warm personality and brought so much energy to the party. The kids loved singing along and playing with all the instruments."
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